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Tomato Stakes - Gardeners and Farms Wisdom Choice for Tomato Harvest

Green color PVC coated steel tube plant stake

PVC coated steel tube plant stake

Heavy duty tomato supporting stake is the wisdom choice of garden and farms for tomato harvest in garden.

Its installation is very simple, you just need drive a stake into the ground beside the tomato plant and tie the main stem to the stake loosely with soft ties to avoid injuring the stem. It is mainly in dark green and black color to blend into your garden.

Using stakes helps to prevent crowding and allows more airflow and sunlight, and prevents disease from splashing upwards from the soil. It places the tomatoes further out of the reach of rabbits and rats. Stake makes tomatoes up out of the ground, resulting in cleaner fruit and less rotting. It is easy to see the tomatoes and easier to harvest.

Stakes and reinforce bar are also may be used for fixing square or round mesh wire tomato cages, or placed in cages to support tomato plants.

Materials: plastic coated steel rod, iron steel, stainless steel or galvanized steel tube with PE coating, heavy duty fiberglass.
Diameter 5 -20mm.
Length 0.6 - 3.00m.
Colors: dark green, black.
The common sizes as following:
5 × 600mm, 7 × 800mm, 8 × 900mm, 9 × 900mm, 11 × 900mm, 11 × 1200mm, 11 × 1500mm, 16 × 1500mm, 16 × 1700mm, 16 × 1800mm, 16 × 2100mm, 20 × 2000mm, 20 × 2300mm, 20 × 2400mm, 20 × 3000mm.

UV resistant, Corrosion resistant.
Flexible with high wind.
Faster and easier installations.
Long life expectancy.
Staking takes up little space.
Stakes are easy to take up at the end of the season.

Tomato stem was tied to green stake in order to out of the ground

A tomato plant with heavy fruits tied to stake

Many tomato stakes support tomato plants

Green tomato stakes used in garden to support tomato plants

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Warm tip

In order to reduce the weight of plant, you'd better pick ripe tomatoes timely, and it will also promote the growth of new fruit.