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Plastic Tomato Cage Protect Your Tomato Plants From Animals

In addition to cattle panel cage, folding tomato cage, and tomato trellis from cattle panel, our company also offer another tomato support - heavy duty rigid plastic mesh tomato cage.

The plastic stretched mesh cage with small mesh opening protect your tomato plants from ravaging squirrels and other animals. It can be in square or hexagonal shape mesh pattern and has plenty of room for tomato plant growing to a tomato tree. This hard-wearing plastic cage is also ideal for supporting cucumber, pepper and other climbing plants in your beautiful garden.

Available in:
Material: plastic mesh with square or hexagonal shape pattern.
Mesh opening: 15mm, 25mm, 40mm, 50mm.
Cage height: 1m, 1.5m.
Cage diameter: from 65mm to 90mm.
Color: green, red, and brown.

Square plastic mesh cage supports tomato plants for harvest

Tomato cage made from plastic trellis with 50mm square mesh opening for tomato growing

Large plastic round tomato cage with plenty of room for tomato plant freely growing

Plastic round tomato cage in small hexagonal-shaped mesh opening protects tomato pants from ravaging squirrels and other animals.

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Warm tip

In order to reduce the weight of plant, you'd better pick ripe tomatoes timely, and it will also promote the growth of new fruit.