Warm tip
In order to reduce the weight of plant, you'd better pick ripe tomatoes timely, and it will also promote the growth of new fruit.

Heavy Duty Cattle Panel Round or Square Tomato Cages

Two round tomato cages from galvanized cattle panel support tall tomato plants

Galvanized cattle panel tomato cages in round shape

Cattle panel tomato cages are constructed from rigid livestock panels - as the concrete trellis materials - in round or square shape. Their materials - cattle panel made of heavy-gauge galvanized wire or power coated wire - are usually used for farm animals.

Tomato cage panels are designed with different wire diameter and different mesh opening, and the most common use is 50 inch height with 8 inch by 6 inch mesh opening cattle mesh. Its large opening make you work easy to pick ripe tomatoes.

This type vertical sturdy cage is strong enough to keep tomatoes standing tall even in heavy wind and summer storms. It makes your tomatoes grow more freely and improves the ability of tomato plant to resist disease. If you place a fiberglass or metal tomato stake in the cage, will accelerate plants growth. Square and round livestock panel cage promotes your tomatoes proliferation and enhances the flavor. Maintaining leaf photosynthesis and optimizes sun protection. It also can be used for cucumbers plant.


Many small tomato fruits with yellow dry flowers growing in galvanized cages

Tomato plants growing within cattle tomato cage produces a large number of tomatoes

Tomatoes growing within a green cattle cage made from wave wire

Six small beautiful tomatoes in a women's hand and the tomato plant is growing in power-coated cattle panel cage freely.

Large cattle panel tomato cages include six cells in order to support tomato plants more effectively

Large tomato cages made from galvanized cattle panels protect plants in garden

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