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Tomatoes Trellis from Heavy Duty Galvanized or PVC Mesh Panels

Tomato trellis makes tomatoes do not come into contact with the ground and less susceptible to all sorts of diseases. Tomato plant climbs the trellis grid and the stems continuously ventilated. It also protects tomatoes from cracking. The higher the plant from the ground and warms better - uniformly illuminated by the sun, you will harvest the more tomatoes.

Tomato trellis is suitable for tall tomato varieties in small garden - in a small area you can plant more plants.

Material: heavy duty steel mesh with black or green powder coated, heavy duty solid galvanized steel mesh, and stainless steel mesh.
Wire diameter: 0.2mm - 0.4mm.
Trellis mesh opening: 10 × 10mm, 10 × 15mm, 15 × 15mm, 10 × 20mm.
Width: 1.5m - 5m.
Available in various shapes and sizes.

There are four installation styles of tomatoes trellis as following:

  1. Vertically install, and need fence posts support it, let tomato plants climb along it (as figure 1).
  2. Mounted horizontally as a rest bed to allow the plants to spread and crawl on the grid, tomato fruits hanging on the grid (as figure 2).
  3. Two mesh panels constitute a stable triangle structure, mounted with posts will be more sturdy, it could support more plants (as figure 3).
  4. Two wire mesh panels are parallelly vertical mounted and fixed by reinforcing bars, then connect them together with strong ropes. This structure is like two walls to support and protect the tomatoes between them (as figure 4).
Tomato seedling growing along galvanized tomato trellis

Figure 1: Galvanized tomato trellis vertically installed as a climbing trellis for tomato plants.

Many ripe sweet-juice tomatoes hanging from green horizontal plant support trellis ready for harvest

Figure 2: Mounted horizontally as a rest bed to allow the plants to spread and crawl on the grid, tomato fruits hanging on the grid

In beautiful farmer, triangle tomato trellis supporting the heavy and vibrant tomato plants

Figure 3: Tomato trellis with a stable triangle structure supports more plants in farmer

Tomato trellis wall made from two galvanized cattle panels and bamboo stakes in it, supports and protects the tomatoes.

Figure 4: Two cattle panels form a tomato trellis wall protecting tomato plants

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Warm tip

In order to reduce the weight of plant, you'd better pick ripe tomatoes timely, and it will also promote the growth of new fruit.