Warm tip
In order to reduce the weight of plant, you'd better pick ripe tomatoes timely, and it will also promote the growth of new fruit.

Round Tomato Cage Protects Your Tomatoes from Falling Over

Round tomato cage with three legs and three rings keep tomato plant stand upright with a lot of red ripe fruits

Round tomato cages with simple design are made out of extra heavy galvanized wire or plastic coated wire, and the plastic coated round cages with colors look nice in the garden. Its vertical sturdy legs and rings were welded well in the correct place. The galvanized finish and powder-coated finish prevents the support from rust. Great for tomato plant vertical support.

They are easy to use and will be perfect for holding fully grown tomato plant upright and protect tomatoes from falling over the ground. Our round tomato cages with solid construction are large enough to hold most fully grown tomato plants, and the sagging no longer is a issue. Cages with four legs are more stable than three legs.

It is easy to add round cage to garden even by oneself. you just need simply inserted the cage legs into the ground. Then with no doubt that the cage will support tomato plants throughout this growing season and many more to come. If you put a tomato stake inside the round cage, they are supporting the tomatoes very well.


Items Height (Inches) top ring diameter (Inches) Legs No. Rings No.
RTC-5544 55 18 4 4
RTC-5545 55 18 4 5
RTC-5444 54 16 4 4
RTC-4445 44 15 4 5
RTC-4444 44 15 4 4
RTC-4244 42 16 4 4
RTC-42441 42 12 4 4
RTC-3543 35 13 4 3


Galvanized cone tomato cage with four legs and four rings

Durable galvanized cone tomato cage has the feature of anti-rust and anti-corrosion

Power-coated round tomato cages in red color keep plants upright in garden

Red powder-coated tomato cages used in home garden

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