Warm tip
In order to reduce the weight of plant, you'd better pick ripe tomatoes timely, and it will also promote the growth of new fruit.

Tomato Spirals - A Really Handy Space Saving Plant Support

When tomato plants are too large, they often carry the heavy weight of their fruit. To prevent your plants from bending or falling over, you can use the tomato spiral to lead your tomato plants and to give them extra support.

Spirals are excellent space-savers, as they encourage vertical growth while ensuring good light exposure and easy harvesting. using a spiral to support a tomato plant, prune the plant to a single stem and fasten the stem to the spiral.


Spirals are easy to use, just simply push into the ground at the base of a tomato plant, no need any ties. Because of its original spiral shape, your tomato plants are naturally curl around and through the spiral when plants grow up. It ensures a great tomato crop and easy pickings!

Spiral stake supports only need to be cleaned normally. Our metal tomato spirals are the most durable and robust, and it can last for many years. Tomato spiral plant support stake as a climbing aid also can support cucumbers and other climbing vegetables.

Each tomato plant is supported by a galvanized spiral stakes in garden

Galvanized tomato spiral rods as a climbing aid for tomatoes

Green power-coated tomato spiral support plants hanging few strings of tempting tomatoes

Tomato plants supported by green power-coated tomato spiral stakes

Many wooden pallets of galvanized tomato spiral stakes

Galvanized tomato spiral packaged in wooden pallet

Dark green PVC coated tomato spirals packaged with kraft paper and plastic paper

Green PVC coated tomato spirals package

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