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Galvanized and Power-Coating Concrete Welded Mesh Tomato Cages

As a gardener or farmer, do you have some serious trouble with your tomatoes? Your cherry tomatoes and heirloom tomatoes got so large and heavy that they quickly wound up dragging on the ground and entangled in a huge mess. You might use tomato cages, but small cages are useless - it will collapse under the weight of heavy delicious tomatoes.

Tomato cages made from concrete reinforcing wire mesh in cylinder or square shape will be the best solution for it. This type cages are sturdy enough to fully support large plants filled with heavy tomatoes. They're very easy to install and large spacing makes tomato harvesting easy. It will last 15 or 20 years.

Materials: concrete reinforcing welded mesh from galvanized or power-coated steel wire.
Color: galvanized or green.
Wire diameter: 11 gauge, 10 gauge or 9 gauge.
Mesh opening: 6 inch square.
Cage tall: 5 foot to 7 foot.
Round cage diameter: 18 inch to 30 inch.
Square cage with: 25 inch to 32 inch.

Concrete mesh cage install:
Simple push the tomato cage into the ground and each cage may be anchored at its base by a couple of sturdy 4' length stakes pushing into the ground on opposite sides just inside the cage, then fasten stakes to the cage for extra stability .

Using this type cage, Its sides will support the plant stems no need much ties. Your lovely tomato will grow naturally without interventions, stress and injury.

A tomato plant is supported by a concrete tomato cage

Tomato cage made from concrete wire mesh panel as the tomato plant container

Sturdy tomato cage supports tomato plant with heavy fruits

Big green tomatoes grow out of tomato cage and supported by its sides

Many concrete wire cages support plants in garden

Tomato cages from concrete welded wire panels used in garden

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Warm tip

In order to reduce the weight of plant, you'd better pick ripe tomatoes timely, and it will also promote the growth of new fruit.