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Square Folding Tomato Cages - Sturdy Foldable and Easy Assembly

Tomato plants will be sagging onto the ground without support. Square folding tomato cage gives plant durable support - won't tilt as the stems climb up the cage - and easy folds flat for compact storage. If you don't like tripping over round shaped cages in garage all winter, the hinged panels stackable tomato cage is your wisdom choice.

Square-shaped foldable tomato cage made from heavy gauge galvanized or power-coated wire has 8 legs and 4 wire mesh panels. Its the most apparent feature is foldable and it is sturdy enough to provide vertical support for mature tomato and pepper plants loaded with fruit. It is also suitable for eggplant and zucchini.

This type tomato cage is the optimal grid especially for powerful tomatoes, providing perfect stability and offering ample growing space for the support plants. All the garden plants will stay tall and straight. In addition, reaching in and picking your ripe fruits is easy through the large square openings between horizontal and vertical wire.

Using the square cage is also extremely easy - you just need push the cage leg 6 inch into the ground around your tomato plants.

Hinged panels fold flat for compact storage.
Sturdy Foldable - easy assembly and use.
Easy To Trim Plant and Pick Tomatoes.
Rust resistant.
used for tomatoes, peppers, even cucumbers.
6" or 8" square openings make harvesting easy.
reliable, using for years.

Material: galvanized steel wire mesh panel or power-coated wire mesh panel.
Wire: 9 gauge or 10 gauge.
Color: grey galvanized, green or red power coated.
Mesh opening: 6 inch or 8 inch square opening.

Items Height Inch Width inch Rings No. Mesh opening Wire gauge
SFTC-708 70.9 18 8 8 inch 9, 10
SFTC-598 59 16 7 8 inch 9, 10
SFTC-706 70.9 18 8 6 inch 9, 10
SFTC-596 59 16 7 6 inch 9, 10
SFTC-556 55 18 7 6 inch 9, 10
SFTC-476 47.2 16 6 6 inch 9, 10
SFTC-396 39 14.5 5 6 inch 9, 10
SFTC-366 36 12 5 6 inch 9, 10
Green square tomato cage from hinged panels keep tomato plant with juice heavy green and red fruits

Square foldable tomato cage made form 10 gauge power-coated mesh in green color keeps your tomatoes off the ground, red color also available.

Two galvanized folding tomato cages: one with 7 rings and another with 5 rings Hinged panels fold flat for compact storage

Two galvanized folding tomato cages

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Warm tip

In order to reduce the weight of plant, you'd better pick ripe tomatoes timely, and it will also promote the growth of new fruit.