Tomato cages keep the tomatoes fruit off the ground and sweet-juice

Our company manufacture tomato plants - covering tomato cage (also called tomato tower), tomato trellis, straight stakes and spiral stakes - to help gardeners and farmers keep tomato plants standing tall.

Our tomato cage is suitable support to keep tomato leaves and fruit off the ground. The most gardeners know that if your tomato plants without any support they will lay on the ground, rot and attacked by animals, and worse thing is tomato plant diseases come from the soil can ruin the plants. Guiding tomato plant with a mesh cage can improve the ability of disease-resistant, which promotes their proliferation and enhances the taste of fruits, also increase the harvest. And the tomatoes are cleaner and sweet-juice than without adequate support.

Our solid round or square tomato cages are made form galvanized or power-coated cattle panels or concrete mesh panels. With these anti-rust materials, they are sturdy enough to support tomato plants growing vertically rather than horizontally and encourage them to grow vertically even in the weight of leaves and many ripe tomatoes fruit. You can easily reach tomatoes through its large opening when harvest. It is worth recalling that you should place tomato cage around plant when it is small, do not wait until it grown up.

Why chose our tomato cage?

  • Tomato cage is the professional's choice for tomatoes plant support.
  • Our cage from very durable high quality mesh panel - galvanized or power coated livestock and concrete welded mesh, anti-rust, and each welding point is welded well in the correct place.
  • Comfortable and durable design, easily accessible for harvesting, sturdy enough and can be used more than ten years.
  • Square foldable tomato cage - easy folds flat for compact storage - also offered.
  • In order to protect tomato plants from ravaging squirrels, our company designed and manufacture heavy duty rigid plastic mesh tomato cage in small square or hexagonal shape mesh opening.
  • They are also ideal for supporting cucumber, pepper and other climbing plants in your beautiful garden.
  • You can get some expert advice on the choice of the right method and material for your garden to help you create your dream-garden.

Durable tomato cage compare with poorly cages.

Durable tomato cage is made from heavy gauge steel mesh panel and every welding point is welded well in correct place. Its sturdy sides provide support for growing tomato plants and hold the heavy fruits safely above the ground. This is a multi-year investment, and can be reused year after year in your hoe garden and farm. Meanwhile, the poorly mesh cages made from flimsy materials can collapse under their weight, even can be easily blown over by strong winds.

Tomato trellis is suited to tall tomato varieties in small garden - in a small area you can plant more plants. Tomato spiral stakes are excellent space-savers, and plants are naturally curl around and through the spiral when plants grow up. They are easy cleaned and easy for pickings tomatoes.

Our products' price depending on materials, sizes and quantity your order, which also fluctuates based on the price of raw materials. If you want to harvest the tastiest tomatoes, please contact us and order tomato cages now.

Our customer say:

No longer use flimsy mesh cages which are ugly even lying on the ground blown by wind, mainly because they can not protect your tomatoes. To buy cheaper but flimsy tomato cages (some of the rods going vertical welded in the wrong place and some rounded rods broken) is penny-wise and pound-foolish.

I was so pleased to find Greeden tomato cages. Heavy duty concrete mesh tomato cages and trellis I bought with well welded, are more expensive but certainly durable and robust. They have the ability to withstand heavy loads and resistance to winds. They are look nice in my vegetable garden, and large tomato plants are kept upright. Order round or square durable cages from this company, you will harvest the tastiest tomatoes.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

Warm tip

In order to reduce the weight of plant, you'd better pick ripe tomatoes timely, and it will also promote the growth of new fruit.

Products Display
  • Round Tomato Cage

    Round tomato cages made from extra heavy galvanized or power-coated steel wire, their vertical sturdy legs and rings were welded well in the correct place.

  • Square Folding Tomato Cages

    Square folding tomato cage made from 9/10 gauge galvanized or power-coated wire has 8 legs and 4 wire mesh panels, fold flat for easy storage.

  • Concrete Mesh Tomato Cages

    Tomato cages made from concrete reinforcing wire mesh in cylinder or square shape are sturdy enough to fully support large plants even filled with heavy tomatoes.

  • Cattle Panel Tomato Cages

    Livestock panel round or square tomato cage is strong enough to keep tomatoes standing tall even in heavy wind and summer storms and easy for harvest

  • Triangular Tomato Cages

    Triangular tomato cages support tomatoes, your grown tomato plants will never tangled pile on the ground even the plants get heavy with a lot of fruits.

  • Plastic Tomato Cages

    The stretched plastic mesh tomato cage with small square or hexagonal shape mesh opening protect your tomato plants from ravaging squirrels and other animals.

  • Tomato Ladders

    tomato ladders - alternative to tomato cages or trellises - make the most of your garden space, reduce pests and disease, with better grip than tomato spiral

  • Tomatoes Trellis

    Tomato trellis is suitable for tall tomato plants in small garden, made of heavy duty powder coated, galvanized and stainless steel mesh panel.

  • Tomato Stakes

    tomato stakes made from plastic-coated or galvanized steel tube make tomatoes up out of the ground, result in cleaner fruit and less rotting and easy to harvest.

  • Tomato Spirals

    Durable and robust tomato spiral stake need no ties, tomato plants are naturally curl around and through the spiral, for a great tomato crop and easy pickings.

  • Twisted Spiral Tomato Support

    Twisted spiral tomato supports made of heavy duty stainless steel, galvanized or powder coated steel are suitable for supporting tomato plant, peas and cucumbers