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Planting Tomatoes - Laborious but Interesting

A green tomato seedling covered with small water drops

The green tomato seedlings looks very dynamic and cute

Tomato - one of our favorite vegetables. It is the most delicious and most beautiful guest on our table. Breeders have developed many varieties with different ripening times seriously - for different regions with very different climates. Growing tomatoes to obtain high harvest is very laborious but interesting.

Primarily quality seeds are very important in growing tomatoes.

Tomato seeds can be divided into two categories: one type seeds usually have already been pre-sowing treatment various drugs to prevent disease and protect seedlings from pests. Other type seeds offered etched with 1% permanganate, then rinse with warm water.

Tomato seedlings can be grown on a windowsill or directly in the garden. Gardener spending time and energy on growing these tomatoes can have a good harvest.

Swordplay seedlings
Once the sprouts have appeared the first two true leaves, the seedlings need to dive by grafting them with a greater amount of land. This is best suited peat humus pots filled with a mixture for seedlings. 2 hours prior to pick plants abundantly watered, and then carefully removed from the soil, pluck-third of the main root and put into the prepared container. Square cut off to form a thick and healthy root system that allows you to capture a large future plant nutrition area. Embedment depth of seedlings produced from almost the first cotyledonary leaves: it compensates unnecessary elongation of the germ and lead to the formation of additional roots.

Hardening seedlings
The next important step in growing healthy seedlings - hardening. It starts two weeks before planting tomatoes in the open ground. To this end, a quarter and reduce watering seedlings tolerate fresh air during the day for three hours, each time increasing the procedure. The last 4 days, the plants should be in the street around the clock. Tomato seedlings ready for transplanting in the open ground, if there is eight or nine leaves, stem thickness is not less than the little finger and the bright-green foliage.

Seedlings from the greenhouse and transplant seedlings into the garden

Seedlings ready now should be placed in the garden. Tomatoes need an open bed for sunlight. Tomatoes give a good harvest on the beds, where a year ago manure.

Caring for tomatoes
Planted for permanent plant very soon appreciate beautiful and delicious fruit. But first you need to provide him with food and protection. First fertilizing tomato needed two weeks after planting.

Supporting tomatoes with spiral stakes, tomato cage and tomato trellis

Then tomato plants become into flowering, onset of the ovaries, and fruit ripening subsequently. Tomato plants would fall over in the wind or sag onto ground under their heavy fruits weight. Therefore, the tomatoes must be supported by climbing aid - spiral stakes or tomato cage, and tomato trellis.

Spiral stakes may be made from galvanized or power coated metal. they support tomato plants without any ties and only need cleaned normally. Tomato cages made from heavy livestock panel or concrete welded mesh provide sturdy support for tomato plants even under heavy ripe tomatoes. Tomato trellis also can supply a rest and a climbing aid for tomato plants.

Tomato Diseases
The biggest threat to a good harvest of tomatoes is phytophthora, which affects the tomato plant and fruit. Infected plants should be removed and burned. For the prevention of this disease need four times a season spray the plants Bordeaux mixture.

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Warm tip

In order to reduce the weight of plant, you'd better pick ripe tomatoes timely, and it will also promote the growth of new fruit.